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Corrugated Paper Making Line

Corrugated Paper Making Line needs Chain Conveyor, Drum Pulper, D Type Hydrapulper, Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, Double Disc Refiner, Inflow Pressure Screen, and so on. Paper pulp machine used to make waste paper turn to fine pulp for paper forming on the paper machine.

3400/350 Multi-cylinder Corrugated Paper Making Machine

3400/350 two wire multi-cylinder paper making machine for paper plant to produce high strength Corrugated paper, kraft paper use OCC waste paper as raw material.

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Automatic Corrugated Board Making Plant

Leizhan deliver complete automatic corrugated board making plant for paper mill. The whole corrugated board making line: Pulp production line and Corrugated paper machine.

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Corrugated Packaging Paper Production Line

The raw material for manufacturing high grade Corrugated packaging paper can be Wood pulp, White shavings, Recycled paper, etc.

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Corrugated Carton Box Production Line

China Leizhan can supply the whole corrugated carton box production system for paper makers use various raw material like recycled paper, wood pulp, white shavings, etc.

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600T/D Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Leizhan manufactured 600T/D Corrugated cardboard pulp processing line machine and high speed paper making machine project detail information.

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Single Face Corrugated Paper Machine

The whole single face corrugated paper making line contains pulp production line and corrugated paper making machine.Leizhan design and manufacture most advanced equipment for paper maker.

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Recycled Fiber Production Line Solution

Leizhan deliver complete production lines or individual components for the recycling of packaging grades or fibers containing ink deposits for the wastepaper processing and recycled fiber production.

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Container Paper Board Making Project

Leizhan factory, a top manufacturer of whole pulp processing line machinery, gives you tailored equipments for Container paper board making project.

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Corrugating Medium Paper Making Machine

Leizhan supply Corrugating medium paper making line from recycled paper conveying to finished paper reel machine. Corrugating medium is for packaging needs.

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450T/D Fluting Paper Making Plant

Leizhan paper machinery company, China manufacturer paper making machinery, supply full fluting paper production turn-key project for paper plant.

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