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M.C.Hydrapulper For Facial/Toilet/Napkin Tissue Making


mc hydrapulper for facial toilet napkin tissue making

M.C Hydrapulper is one kind of pulper equipment, suitable for the pulping line of facial paper, toilet paper and napkin paper making.


Facial/Toilet/Napkin Tissue Making Pulper Features And Advantages


Raw Material: Wood pulp and other clean raw materials
Normal Volume: 10-90m³
Cosistency: 5%-8%
Production Capcity: 40-800 t/d
Motor Power: 90-800kw
Advantages: Energy-saving S type rotor, stainless steel material contact with pulp, high efficiency and low cost.


Leizhan manufacture various kinds of pulper for paper mill, M.C.Hydrapulper is for facial napkin tissue making, D Type Hydrapulper and Drum Pulper is suitable for the kraft, corrugated etc packaging paper making line, and Vertical Hydrapulper is for wood pulp, H.C.Hydrapulper is for paper with ink. Any more details, feel free to consult us: