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Advanced Pulp Equipments for Syria Paper Mill

Date: 2015-10-28 Print

Leizhan group successfully completed the supply of key pulp processing equipments for Syria Paper Mill for its 150t/d Corrugated paper production line. Leizhan has delivered best quality High Density Cleaner, Rope Cutter and Vibrating Screen for Syria customer to replace its existing pulp equipments.

Machine rebuilds entail critical decisions about what to keep and what to replace – Leizhan makes sure every piece fits.  We have the process and machinery expertise to recommend the most cost-effective approach.

Leizhan pulp and paper making equipments will feature the latest technology, meeting paper mill’s demands to produce high grade finished products.

High density cleaner: High Density Cleaner is mainly applied to remove all kinds of heavy impurities in paper pulp, like steples, stones, glasses,etc. Volute Pulp inflow chamber, wear resistance ceramics cone.

Rope cutter: Used for cutting off the rope from ragger. Double hydraulic cylinders makes it has a strong cutting ability.

Vibrating screen: Used for screening and removing various impurities in pulp suspension.

high-density-cleaner     rope-cutter      vibrating-screen

High Density Cleaner                         Rope Cutter                                         Vibrating Screen