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Tissue Paper Making Line

Leizhan high speed tissue/toilet paper manufacturing machine has a basis width range of 1575-3600mm, the tissue paper making project using commodity wood pulp and white shavings as raw material.

Set Up Paper Making Unit

Set up a new tissue paper making unit solutions, how to set up a new paper mill? Complete set of paper making machine and pulp equipment manufacturer, from hydrapulper to paper roll rewinder, consult us:

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How To Prevent Decayed Pulp In Paper Making Process?

How to prevent decayed pulp in paper making process? Here are decayed pulp cause reasons and prevention method in paper making process, paper making machine manufacturer.

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Paper Making Machine Dryer Section

Dryer Cylinder is on hot sale in Leizhan paper machinery, paper production process is mainly a dehydration procedure in paper making industry, the paper after dehydration in the press part get through the dryer section, and then the dryness of paper can reach 92%-95%.

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Commonly Used Dryer Cylinder of Paper Machine

The dryer cylinder is the hollow cylinder made of cast iron with the covers at both ends, composing of cylinder and the cylinder head at both ends with outer diameter of mostly 1000 ~ 3000mm

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Pulp And Paper Machines for Tissue Paper Making Line

Leizhan can supply the whole tissue/toilet paper production turn-key project for tissue producer. The whole line contains stock preparation and tissue paper machinery.

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High Quality Kitchen Towel Paper Manufacturing Project

Leizhan supplies complete Kitchen towel paper mill machine for customers. Including Pulp production line machine and kitchen towel paper making equipment.

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Facial Tissue Making Plant Turnkey Base

Leizhan engineers help you to choose the suitable tissue production lines based upon capacity requirements.Leizhan can deliver a full facial tissue making system.

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Pulp Cleaner Paper Pulp Mill Machine

Leizhan manufacture Pulp cleaner paper pulp mill machine is to remove contaminants that degrade the physical and optical properties of the pulp.

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1880mm Toilet Paper Production Machine

1880mm Toilet paper production line machine manufacturer, technical specification and structure of toilet tissue paper roll making machine.

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Pulp Refining Process Technology

Pulp refining process is key parts for paper making processing, Leizhan supply refiner and high frequency deflaker for low consistency stock preparation system.

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