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Pulp Cleaner Paper Pulp Mill Machine


Leizhan manufacture pulp cleaner paper pulp mill machine to remove contaminants that degrade the physical and optical properties of the pulp.




• Seperates high and low density contaminants

• Removal of dirt, grit, sand

• Shive, bark, and stone cell removal

• Plastic contaminant removal

• Removal of waxes, stickies and adhesives from recycled pulp stock

• Pulp stock deaeration

• Fibre fractionation


What are the Main Flow Structures in a Centrifugal Cleaner?

• Inlet/outlets

• Vortex finder

• Air core

• Mantle

• Short circuit path


What Controls the Motion of Particles in a Cleaner?

• Centrifugal force

– Angular velocity of the fluid

– Diameter of the hydrocyclone

– Density of particle

• Drag

– Steady state drag (i.e. Pressure gradient/Inertial)

– Added mass, lift, etc.


Types of Hydrocyclones Used in the Pulp and Paper Industry

• Forward Cleaners

– high density

– medium density

– fine forward cleaners

• Core Bleed Cleaners

• Reverse Cleaners

• Through Flow Cleaners



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