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Kraft Liner Paper Making Line

Testline paper machine, also called kraft liner board machine is to produce testliner paper. With large capacity, lower energy consumption, superior quality and the most competitive price, our testliner paper making line enjoys the good command and admission of our customers.

2200mm Double Wire Cardboard Paper Machine

2200mm/200 double wire cardboard paper machine. Paper pulp making machine supplier. Full line of cardboard paper making. Recycling waste paper to make cardboard paper making project.

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Roller Chain Conveyor For Pulping Line

Roller chain conveyor suits for a conveying platform for feeding wood pulp bales or paddle boards and cutting and drawing iron wires. High efficiency, reduce labor and low energy consumption.

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30t/d Top Layer Wood Pulp Processing Line

Wood pulp processing line to make kraft paper. Unit kraft paper making line machine supplier, included pulper machine, pulp screening machine and pulp cleaning machine. Wood pulp as raw material to make kraft paper top layer.

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Automatic Cleaning Vibrating Screen

Automatic cleaning series vibrating screen in stock preparation line. High quality vibrating screen in paper mill. Screening equipment of tailing pulp. High quality, high efficiency and low motor power.

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350t OCC Recycling Pulping Line

Recycling OCC to make kraft paper, corrugated paper or T-paper. Leizhan offer unit OCC recycling pulping line machine. High quality, low motor power and long service life. Email:

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How to Install Chain Conveyor

Paper pulp making line machine slat chain conveyor mainly used to convey waste paper or pulp board to pulper or bale breaker. Do you know how to install chain conveyor? Contact us for more details.

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Pulping Line Grapple

Paper recycling pulping line new type grapple. The grapple can grab huge amount of light impurities from pulper’s barrel. High efficiency, reduce deslagging time and high quality.

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Disc Thickener For Paper Making

Paper making line disc thickener mainly used to wash and thicken for low consistency slurry. The disc thickener adopted stainless steel filter screen, long service life. We are professional manufacturer of disc thickener. Email us for more details.

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150TPD Two Layer Kraft Paper Machine

Unit kraft paper making line machine. Leizhan offer whole set line of kraft paper pulping line and kraft paper machine. High capacity, high quality final kraft paper and low energy consumption.

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Hydraulic Headbox In 5000mm Paper Machine

Hydraulic headbox in 5000mm paper machine. Important part in all kinds of paper machine. 304 stainless steel material. According to the customers requirements to design the headbox.

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