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Coating Board Paper Making Line

Leizhan coating board paper machinery has a width range of 2400-6600mm and basis weight range of 200-350g/m2, also we supply kinds of pulp equipment working with paper making process. To get our experts’ advice for free, you can mail to us (E-mail: or chat online, waiting for you.

5600mm Three Layer Multi Cylinder Cardboard Paper Machine

Packaging cardboard paper machine manufacturer, waste paper recycling line equipment. Leizhan offer unit cardboard board paper machine production line equipment.

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The Dehydration In Press Part

High quality and low price paper making machine is on hot sale, paper machine made in China, the dehydration in paper making machine press part…

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Screen Basket Supplier To Pulp and Paper Industry

Leizhan is China leading pulp screening system supplier in pulp and paper making industry. Leizhan is manufacturer of screen baskets for all screening applications.

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Reject Separator for 80T/18H Waste Paper Recycling Plant

PZ2 Reject separator is specially chosen for 80T/18H stock preparation line based on waste paper recycling. Leizhan paper pulp processing machine for paper plants.

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Light Impurity Separator for Paper Pulp Making

Light Impurity Separator is used in coarse screening system. PGS0.8 Light impurity separator is specially chosen by Leizhan for 450T/D Paper board manufacturing plant.

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Pulp Grinding Machine for Pulp Production line

Pulp grinding machine is used for processing paper pulp, wood pulp in pulp production line. And wood pulp has the feature of long fiber, it needs more grinding machine to cut fiber.

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Large Yield Egg Tray Production Machine

To produce egg tray with waste paper, mixed paper board , Leizhan gives you the complete Egg tray making plant machine for large yield egg tray production.

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Pulp Refiner Influence Paper Product Quality

Pulp Refining is an important part in paper pulp processing system. Pulp refiner have great effect on final paper products quality. Pulp Refiner effects in paper products making line

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Three Layer Industrial Paper Tube Machine

Using waste paper, paper tube as raw material, Leizhan supply high quality Three layer paper tube making machine for paper plants to make high strength paper tube.

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Rotating Type Pulp Consistency Control System

Rotating — type Pulp Consistency Control System used in paper pulp production line it consists sensor, convertor, controller, electric dilution water valve and measurement tube.

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