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5600mm Three Layer Multi Cylinder Cardboard Paper Machine


    Cardboard paper mainly used to corrugated box made of corrugated paper core after bonding. Cardboard paper can be processed into packaging household appliances, daily necessities and stationery.,etc. We can provide unit cardboard paper machine production line equipment. Our Pulping equipment adopted advance technology, so the final paper has advantages of resistance to pressure, toughness and tear resistance, tear resistance and flat paper surface.


    Cardboard Paper Machine Details


    Production type: Cardboard paper
    Trimmed width: 5600mm
    Reel paper width: 5660mm
    Basis weight: 110g/㎡
    Working speed: 780m/min
    Production capacity: 750t/d
    Sizing amount:4-6g/㎡
    Gauge: 7400mm


    Leizhan provide complete stock preparation line equipment to produce cardboard paper, such as paper pulper machine, pulp screening machine and pulp cleaning machine and so forth. Want to know more details about 5600mm three layer multi cylinder cardboard paper machine, please feel free to contact with me. Email address: