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Coating Board Paper Making Line

Coated board paper making line include two parts:paper pulp making line and paper making line.So, a complete paper industry must contain paper pulp machines and paper machine.

High Grade White Coated Duplex Board Paper Machine

High grade white coated duplex board paper machine. Paper mill machinery from China supplier. Unit paper pulp production line machinery, and offer turn-key project.

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2400mm Fourdrinier Multi-Cylinder Pulp Board Machine

2400/50 fourdrinier multi-cylinder pulp board machine. Recycling waste paper to make pulp board. Unit pulper machine, pulp screening machine, pulp refining machine can be provided by Leizhan. High quality, less fiber loss, low energy consumption.

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Paper Making Project Kneader For Sale

Paper making project kneader mainly used to disperse the stickies grease, wax, plastic, rubber and ink particles and other hot melt impurities from the paper pulp. High efficiency, high quality and low consumption.

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2880mm Coating White Board Paper Machine

2880mm coating white board paper making machine. Recycled waste paper as raw material to make coating white board paper. Whole set coating white board paper production line machine supplier.

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Screw Press For Pulp Making

Screw press machine mainly used for washing and thickening all kinds of paper pulp. High quality Screw Press machine for paper making project. Special screw in structure in outlet, easy to maintain.

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HD Cleaner For Sale

Waste paper recycling project pulping line machine high consistency cleaner, hd cleaner for sale. High efficiency, excellent remove slag impurities, low energy consumption.

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High Consistency Hydrapulper For Paper Pulping

High consistency hydrapulper mainly used in waste paper deinking line for separating waste paper and ink under high consistency. Compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance. More info about high consistency hydrapulper, contact us.

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Mid-consistency Pressure Screen Price

Mid-consistency pressure screen mainly used for coarse and fine screening of various waste paper pulp. High efficiency and energy saving, low cost. Leizhan also offer inflow pressure screen, fractionating screen and coarse screen.

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High Quality Disc Thickener

Disc thickener mainly used to wash and thicken for low consistency slurry in paper pulping line. Less speace requirement, large capacity and long service life.

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Fiber Fractionating Screen

Waste paper recycling project fiber fractionating screen. Fine screen, coarse screen and fiber fractionating screen for paper pulping line. Fiber fractionating screen is used to classify the long and short fibers in the slurry. Email:

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