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White Liner Board Paper Making Line


    The white liner board paper is mainly selected as an important material for selling wrapping. Leizhan designed a proposal for our customer who use LOCC, waste old newspaper and wood pulp as raw materials to make white liner board paper. Here are some types of our stock preparation line equipment.


    Pulping Line Machine Of White Liner Board Paper Making Line


    Chain conveyor: BFW1200
    D type hydrapulper: ZDSD25
    High density cleaner: ZSC4
    Pulp chest agitator: JB850
    Conical refiner: ZM460
    Double disc refiner: DD600
    Reject separator: PZ2
    Inflow pressure screen before paper machine: NLS1.5
    High consistency hydrapulper: ZDSG25
    Light impurity separator: FQJ0.8
    Low density cleaner: KH400


    Leizhan Company offer whole set equipment of white board paper production line, and will choose the most suitable proposal for every customers. Contact us to get proposal. Email address: