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ZNS Series Mid Consistency Pressure Screen

  • ZNS Series Mid Consistency Pressure Screen
  • ZNS Series Mid Consistency Pressure Screen

New model mid consistency pressure screen is an advanced paper pulp screening equipment in contemporary international world, it is the new generation paper pulp screening equipment researched and developed by our company by absorbing international advanced technology. It has benefits of strong adaptability, energy saving, water saving and high production efficiency etc. It is specially used for coarse and fine screening of various recycled pulp.

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Technical Data of ZNS Series Mid Consistency Pressure Screen:

Type ZNS0.3 ZNS0.6 ZNS0.9 ZNS1.2 ZNS1.5 ZNS2 ZNS3 ZNS4 ZNS6

Screen Area(m2)

0.3 0.6 0.9 1.2 1.5 2 3 4 6

Screen Hole Size(mm)


Screen Seam Size(mm)


Production capacity(Screen hole(t/d))

50-80 90-160 135-250 180-320 200-380 260-500 400-700 500-1000 800-1500

Production capacity (Screen slot(t/d))

30-50 60-100 90-150 120-190 140-230 200-300 300-450 320-730 500-1100

Inlet Pulp Consistency(%)


Motor Power(Kw)

22-55 30-75 37-90 45-110 55-132 75-160 90-220 132-280 250-400

  • 1. New model mid consistency pressure screen is mainly used for coarse and fine screening of various waste paper pulp.
  • 2. Many rotor blades, no winding, high efficient and energy-saving rotary rotor.
  • 3. The machine can screen pulp normally under quite high consistency(2.5-4%). It reduces the amount of water cycle and system energy consumption in production process.
  • 4. Heavy impurities discharge pipe makes sure the screen basket runs safely.
  • 5. Advanced structure, sturdy and durable, convenient disassembly and assembly, low energy consumption, less loss of fiber.
  • 6. Easy to operate, less malfunctions for continuous working, less maintenance cost.
  • 7. Automatic oil injection device can reduce maintenance.
  • 8. Seal water flow automatic detection alarm device makes sure the system runs safety.
  • 9. Interlock system ensures the service life of equipment.
  • Pressure screen under the rotating function of drum sieve and rotating cylinder and centrifugation effect. The machine will separate the qualified pulp and non-qualified pulp. It consist of cylinder, cylinder cover, sieve drum, rotary cylinder, base and transmission parts, etc.
  • 1.Offering comprehensive technical and business consultation services;
    2.Proposing the most suitable scheme and equipment for our clients;
    3.Designing and fabricating targeted products according to the special requirements of clients;
    4.Training periodically high qualified service technician.