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Leizhan High-quality Pulp Pump


    Leizhan High-quality SAKZ Series Pulp Pum

    Overview of  Leizhan Pulp Pump

    Pulp Pump is the Suao 2nd dedicated pump independently developed by our company with 30 years of experience in the pump based on Suao 1st pump combined with the domestic paper industry pulp pump practical use, and absorbing advantages of pulp pumps by foreign well-known manufacturers.

    Application Range:

    Pulp and paper special pump

    Performance Range:

    Flow: 20-3000m2 / h

    Lift: 5-100m

    Temperature: ≤ 120 ℃

    Pulp concentration: ≤ 6%

    Rotation direction: counterclockwise from the pump inlet

    Speed: 980-1480r / min

    Outstanding features of Leizhan Pulp Pump

    1. Efficient and energy-saving.

    2. Good cavitation performance and long service life.

    3. High concentration and no clogging.

    4. Reasonable structure and easy maintenance.