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Light Impurity Separator for Paper Pulp Making

fqj light impurity separator

Paper Pulp Making Machine Light Impurity Separator

Light Impurity Separator is used in coarse screening system for screening out light impurities in paper pulp.  PGS0.8 Light impurity separator is specially chosen by Leizhan for 450T/D Paper board manufacturing plant.


Light impurity separator for Paper board making

System location: Coarse screening

Volume: 0.8m3

Fine pulp capacity: 60-150BDT/D

Inlet pulp consistency: 1.5-2.5%

Operating pressure: 0.25-0.35MPa

Operating pressure difference: 0.01-0.03Mpa

Raw material: OCC waste paper


Structure material of Light impurity separator

Contact with pulp part is 304 stainless steel.

Motor mounting rack is Q235 overall bending forming.


Leizhan supply for Light impurity separator

Equipment body

Transmission Parts


Screen plate


PLC control cabinet

Anchor bolt

Seal water flow detection alarm device

Automatic lubricating device

Heavy impurity pot

Pneumatic valve



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