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Large Yield Egg Tray Production Machine

Large Yield Egg Tray Production Machine

To produce egg tray, waste paper, mixed paper board can be used as raw material, Leizhan gives you the complete Egg tray making plant machine for large yield egg tray production. Leizhan’s supply contains paper pulp production line and egg tray molding machine according to your requirements. Removing impurity material and produce high quality pulp by adopting our high quality paper machinery and production line solutions.


Egg tray pulp production process use mixed waste paper

Firstly, LOCC will be conveyed by Chain conveyor into D type hydrapulper for pulping.

Then, High density cleaner will be used for pulp cleaning.

After pulp cleaning, the pulp will be conveyed into Vibrating screen for screening and removing various impurities in pulp suspension.

After that, Inclined screen will be used for washing and thickening of the pulp.

Then, pulp will be conveyed into Double disc refiner for cutting long fiber into short fiber for end products making.

Finally, pulp will be conveyed into egg tray molding machine for egg tray making.


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