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How To Prevent Decayed Pulp In Paper Making Process?

how to prevent decayed pulp in paper making process

Decayed pulp is the result of bacteria and mold reproduction. Carbohydrates in the pulp, small amounts of protein, hydrolyzed sugars, etc, are the nutrient sources of microorganisms. Especially mechanical pulp, because there are around 5% low molecular sugar in wood, all stay in white water after wood refining, better to propagation of bacterial.


Take Following Measures To Prevent Decayed Pulp


1)Improve process and equipment
a. Try best to simplify the slurry feed system before paper machine, reduce or shorten unnecessary procedures, the system should be sealed, adopt sealed clean and screen equipment, at the same time discharge retained air in sealed system constantly.
b. Improve the flowing path in pulp save chest and white water pit. Preventing it produce decayed pulp, stop pulp, then eliminates the dead angle. When flange installed, attention that the joints are not easily slurry.
c. Under the circumstance of no influence to paper machine operation, try best to improve the pulp flow speed of every parts.
d. Adopt smooth surface and anti-corrosion material, such as plastics, rubber, copper, etc.
2)Adopt bactericide
Chloramine, chlorphenol, organic nitrogen fertilizer and sulfur compounds are used as fungicides
3)Regular cleaning equipment to keep system clean. It can also be thoroughly brushed with a solution.


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