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Paper Making Disc Refiner Malfunctions and Solutions

Paper Making Disc Refiner Malfunctions and Solutions

The disc mill is the most critical equipment for high-yield pulping. It is generally composed of a moving disc and a fixed disc. It is commonly known as a double disc refiner, can be used as hot refiner or mid high consistency refiner, with the advantages of big production capacity, low energy consumption, low fiber damage etc. What if the disc refiner malfunction in running process?


Malfunctions and Solutions Of Paper Mill Double Disc Refiner


1. Vibration of the disc refiner
(1) The deviation of the coaxiality between the refiner and the motor is too large, causing vibration, so after running for a period of time, the gear coupling should be loosened and the reset should be verified with a dial indicator;
(2) There may be two reasons for the vibration of the newly-changed grinding disc after starting up. First, the grinding disc is unbalanced and needs to be replaced again. Secondly, the deviation of the parallelism between the fixed disc and the moving disc is large, and vibration occurs after loading. The grinding disc fastening screws should be adjusted first to check the parallelism of the two discs to the range;
(3) The installation clearance of the bearing is too large or the bearing damage causes vibration, which can be determined by copper tube listening and vibration measuring instrument inspection;
(4) The cantilever shaft of the moving plate is deformed by deflection, causing vibration, and the spindle should be replaced in time;
(5) Grinding teeth are broken by hard objects, which affects the quality and output of the grinding, and affects the operation of the mill. It is necessary to replace the grinding discs in time.


2. Hard objects enter the refiner, and noise of different sizes occurs. If it is a small metal object, a harsh sound will occur. The gap between the discs should be adjusted as soon as possible to separate the discs. If it is a large hard object, the refining should be stopped immediately, and the grinding chamber should be opened for inspection.


3. If the phenomenon of unsatisfactory retraction of the infeed occurs, first give up the hydraulic cylinder, check the oil level of the hydraulic station, and check if the piston rod of the cylinder is stuck.


4. Refining capacity is reduced
If the refining capacity drops by about 30%, it is inevitable to replace the grinding disc, which is also the principle of refining the disc. Mainly because: the grinding teeth in the grinding area are damaged or the grinding teeth are blocked; the grinding piece is used for a long time and the wear is serious; the blade of the screw feeder is seriously deformed and the feeding is difficult, which causes the grinding ability to decrease.


5. The quality of the refining is not good
The reasons are as follows: the grinding disc gap is too large; the refining concentration is too small; the grinding disc wears severely; the cooking temperature is low, the softening degree of the web is not enough; the slurry washing is not good, and the viscosity is large.


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