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Paper Making Machine Dryer Section

paper making machine dryer section

Paper production process is mainly a dehydration procedure, the concentration of paper on the wire is always 0.2%-1.0%. The dryness after dehydrated by the wire naturally and vacuum dehydration can reach 15%-25%, after the press part, the dryness is about 33%-55%. At last, paper dehydration in the dryer section, there are still retain 5%-10% moisture in the end of dryer.

As we all know, the dryer section is the largest consumption part in the whole paper making machine, therefore improving the dryer section performance is as important as equipped with high efficiency of fourdrinier part and press part. Leizhan supply high quality and low price dryer cylinder for dryer part, welcome to consult us:

Function Of Paper Dryer Section

1. Evaporation dewater the residue in the wet paper;
2. Further complete the fiber combination and improve the strength of fiber.
3. Increase the smoothness of paper, besides, it also can applied to sizing for some paper making machine.

Paper Dryer Part Basic Requirement

1. High drying capacity.
2. The banner water evaporate should be even.
3. Paper making machine running stable, reduce the paper breaking time, improve running efficiency.
4. Reduce energy consumption.


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