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Pulp Tank Mixer Agitator Operation Tips

Pulp Tank Mixer Agitator Operation Tips

Pulp tank mixer agitator is used to stir pulp cyclically in pulp chest, and keep pulp liquid in suspending condition, which ensure the pulp components even distribution.


The right operation of pulp tank agitator not only improve pulp processing efficiency, saving working time, but prolong the service life of pulp agitator. Here are the running operation tips when use pulp tank agitator.


How To Right Operate Pulp Tank Agitator?


1. Checking there is no impurities in pulp chest before running, prevent to broken the impeller of pulp chest agitator;
2. Before pulp agitator running, ensure there is no barrier and wokers around the moror pulley, check that the safety cover is in good condition;
3. Start the power motor after the slurry is completely submerged in the impeller and can form a cycle;
4. Attention the pulp consistency, when in high concentration, will reduce the speed of pulp recycle, slurry mixing is uneven, too high concentration will cause pulp flocculation;
5. In pulp agitator working process, can adjust the blade helix angle according to the actual demand, get better stir effect.
6. After each inspection or replacement of the motor, check that whether the direction of the machine conforms to the direction of the slurry movement.


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