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How To Choose Suitable High Consistency Pulp Pump?

How To Choose Suitable High Consistency Pulp Pump?

At present, high consistency pulp pump is widely used in paper making process for it’s obvious advantages(reduce paper making equipment investment, including reduce dehydration equipments, shrink the volume of pulp tower and pulp chest, etc) However, how to choose a suitable high consistency pulp pump for your paper mill?


The Selection Of High Consistency Pulp Pump


First, we should reliable and reasonable choose the specification and rotating speed of high consistency pulp pump:

1. High consistency pulp pump system should with the condition of continuous feed pulp and balance production;
2. According to the highest yield and highest concentration of pulping system design the processing pipe of pump;
<1>. Pulp consistency > 10% totally lost the fluidity, therefore the inlet pipe of pump better be straight; That is, it is evenly sent to the inlet tube by a spiral or twin roll mixer and dropped into the feed screw of the pump.
<2>. The outlet pipe should be as short as possible and less elbow, the bending radius of the center line of the elbow should generally be greater than 4 times the diameter of the pipe, and the equivalent length should be 1.5 to 2 times the length of the elbow.
<3>. First assume a known pipe diameter, select the specification (caliber) and speed of the high-concentration pump according to the outlet pipe.


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