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High Consistency Pulp Pump In Paper Making

High Consistency Pulp Pump In Paper Making

High consistency pulp pump is mainly used to conveying the pulp in 8-12% consistency, it is a new type of slurry pump produced by the modern pulp and paper industry using high-concentration bleaching and high-concentration refining.


High-concentration slurry pump is mainly used for high-concentration upflow tower and down-flow tower in multi-stage bleaching system; Secondly, high-concentration slurry pumps are also widely used in storage and delivery systems for high-concentration slurries. Pulp with a concentration of 8~14% is input from the ground into a high-concentration storage tank with a height of 16 meters or more.


Advantages Of High Consistency Pulp Pump


1. In the premise of same production capacity and quality, can greatly reduce the equipment investment(including reduce dehydration equipment, shrink the volume of pulp tower and pulp chest);
2. Obviously improve technical and economic indicators, such as reduce the consumption quantity of all kinds of chemicals and water, electricity, steam, etc;
3. High concentration technology must reduce the usage of water, thus reduce the waste water discharge;
4. Disc refiner and high consistency refiner is the main measures to produce high yield semi-chemical pulp and wood chips pulp. High concentration pulp refining can increase the frication, enthalpy and extrusion of the fibers, strengthen the deuteration and hydration of the fibers, and significantly improve the physical properties of the pulp.


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