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1880mm Toilet Paper Production Machine

1880mm Toilet Paper Production Machine
Leizhan can provide a turn-key solution including pulp and  paper making line for wood pulp, waste paper, paper board, white shavings, straw pulp, and so on processing.


Leizhan is a leading manufacturer of pulp and paper making line machinery, we can supply the full toilet tissue paper production line from raw material conveying machine to reeling machine, our service contains factory design & layout, the technical flowchart to the manufacture, installation, commission and training employees.


Technical specification of 1880mm Toilet paper production machine

Finish product:Tissue paper

Basic weight:13—30g/m2

Trim width:1880mm

Work speed:220m/min

Design speed:250m/min


Rail gauge:2700mm

Drive type:Ac variable frequency division drive

Installed capacity:62.5KW

Spread pattern:right side (Users to customize)

Outline rough dimension :13000mm×7000mm×6000mm


Structure of 1880mm Toilet paper production machine

Leizhan supplied toilet tissue machine adopts Upside down pulp sizing, mainly composed by felt washing, cylinder section, dryer section, reeling, drive, steam hood, etc.


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