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What Are The Advantages Of Soft Roller Calendering?

What Are The Advantages Of Soft Roller Calendering?

Paper machine roller play an important part in paper making process, and the different paper make technology will get different effect for paper. Paper calendering divided into soft roller calendering and hard roller calendering, what are the advantages of soft roller calendering compare with hard calendering?


Advantages of Soft Roller Calender Compare With Hard Calendering


1. The pressed paper has the same tightness;
2. Even if the paper is not well-formed, its opacity can be improved and the stain can be eliminated;
3. Printing ink has good absorbability;
4. It is possible to make the finished product have higher moisture;
5. Improves the bulk of the paper and maintains the stability of the stiffness;
6. Soft calendering stability and wide range of line pressure adjustment, can be adapted to different paper types of calender finishing;
7. Because the fiber is not strongly squeezed, the strength of the paper is good, which improves the operating rate of the company.
8. Gets higher smoothness and eliminates two differences.


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