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150t 18h Corrugated Fluting Paper Making Project

150t 18h Corrugated Fluting Paper Making Project

One of our customer produce high strength corrugated paper and T paper, adopt Three Wires Cardboard Paper Machine, the details as following mentioned as reference.


150t Corrugated T Paper OCC Pulping Line Machine Details


Chain Conveyor: B=1400mm, conveying capacity=80-255m³/h, length=26m
Drum Pulper: Φ2750mm,∅12/∅11/∅9mm,C=18~22%
Discharge slurry pump: Q=380m3/h,H=28m,C=3.0-4.0%
High Density Cleaner: Q=5800-7500L/min,C=3~5%,P= 0.2~0.5MPa
Discharge slurry chest/agitator: V=100~120m³,Φ850mm
1st Mid Consistency Coarse Screen:A=1.21m2,∅2.0mm,C=3.0-4.0%
Light Impurity Separator:V=0.8m3,∅3.5mm, C=2.0%
Reject Separator:Φ380mm,Φ4.0mm,C=1.5%
Mid Density Cleaner:Q=5800-7500L/min,C=2~3%,P= 0.2~0.5MPa
1st Fractionating Screen:A=1.21m2,//0.20mm,C=2.4-2.5%
1st Low Density Cleaner:1000L/min,C=1.5%
2nd Low Density Cleaner:1000L/min,C=1.0%
3rd Low Density Cleaner:1000L/min,C=0.8%
2nd Fractionating Screen:A=2.27m2,//0.20mm,C=1.3-1.4%
Fine Screening:A=0.91m2,//0.22mm,C=1.0%
Inclined Screen
Double Disc Refiner:Φ660mm,C=3-5%
Medium fiber 2nd heavy impurities cleaning machine:400ml/min,C=1.0%
Medium fiber 3rd heavy impurities cleaning machine: 400ml/min,C=0.8%
Double Disc Refiner: Φ550mm,C=3-5%
Top layer pulp Inflow Pressure Screen: A=1.32m2,//0.30mm,C=0.4-0.5%


We can provide the complete set of corrugated fluting paper making project machine, from the stock preparation line to the rewinder, and our professional engineer will design reasonable proposal for you according to your requirements, which is lowest cost and highest return. Contact us:


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