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The Advantages Of Neutral Sizing

The Advantages Of Neutral Sizing

In many papers, it is necessary to add a water-repellent substance to the surface of the slurry or the surface of the paper to make the paper have the property of delaying fluid penetration, reaching anti-ink (such as writing paper), oil-resistant (such as food wrapping paper), and anti-blood (such as meat). For the purpose of wrapping paper, water and steam (such as paper bag paper), this process is called sizing. What are the advantages of neutral sizing?


Neutral Sizing Advantages


(1) Excellent physical strength properties
In alkaline systems, an increase in the degree of fiber swelling provides more hydroxyl groups resulting in better strength characteristics.

(2) Using high whiteness calcium carbonate
Calcium carbonate has a high whiteness characteristic, which can save the amount of brightener in production, and the use of waste paper or broke containing calcium carbonate, especially coated broke.

(3) Lower inorganic salt load
In the acid papermaking process, there is a high load of inorganic salts in the paper machine system. Increasingly high environmental regulations have forced the paper machine water cycle to be more closed. The increase in the degree of closure of the paper machine will inevitably lead to corrosion of the equipment. The alkaline salt system has a much lower inorganic salt loading.

(4) Excellent paper characteristics
Alkaline papermaking can obtain better product quality, mainly showing high whiteness, good printing adaptability, ability to resist alkaline liquids, potential improvement of paper strength and stiffness, and improvement of interlayer bonding strength, and increase the shelf life, etc.


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