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High Quality Kitchen Towel Paper Manufacturing Project

High Grade Kitchen Towel Paper Manufacturing Project

In order to improve paper production line efficiency, Leizhan continually engaged in improving paper and pulp equipment performance. Leizhan supplies complete Kitchen towel paper mill machine for customers.

With Leizhan Kitchen towel  paper mill machine, paper makers can use various kinds of raw materials like waste paper, virgin pulp, commodity wood pulp, white shavings as raw material to make high quality napkin paper, kitchen towel, tissue paper. Capacity can be 5-50.

Pulp production line includes following steps:

Raw material conveying






kitchen towel paper mill machine

Leizhan can supply paper making machine for producing kitchen towel paper products. Trimmed width can be 1575-3600mm, basis weight can be 80-220g/m2, working speed can be 150-800, and the capacity of paper machine can be 5-50 tons per day.


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