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What Are The Features Of Neutral Sizing?

What Are The Features Of Neutral Sizing

In order to improve the surface strength of paper and paperboard to prevent the diffusion and penetration of water-based liquids, paper and paperboard need to be sized. Neutral sizing is widely used in paper making, the below details are the advantages and disadvantages about neutral sizing.


Neutral Sizing Features


1) Papermaking under neutral conditions, the resulting paper sheet is not easy to age, which can improve the strength and life of the paper;
2) It can reduce the corrosion of equipment and extend the service life of equipment;
3) The pH value of white water is high, no accumulation of aluminum sulfate, white water is easy to recycle, which is conducive to reducing drainage pollution;
4) High paper strength can save pulping power;
5) CaCO3 can be used as a filler to save fiber raw materials and reduce costs;
6) The cost of rubber compound is higher than that of rosin rubber, which will increase the cost. It should be offset by adding and filling, which is not conducive to the paper type without filling or filling less;
7) The sizing reaction is sluggish and there is still a problem of instability;
8) The water filtration is poor, the paper is slippery, and the stiffness and tightness are poor;
9) Microorganisms are prone to breeding, and the amount of pulp and broken ends is increased, and the amount of paper damage is increased.


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