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Bale Breaker Installation Instructions

Bale Breaker Installation Instructions

Paper plant bale breaker is used for waste paper bales breaking and selecting in paper processing line. Paper mill machinery bale breaker has the advantages of high efficiency, low motor power and reduce wear to the following equipment. Bale breaker is composed of feeding hopper, barrel, supporting wheel, driving device, etc. We support bale breaker installation instructions for our customer and installation in progress.


How to Install Paper Plant Bale Breaker


1. First check and accept the foundation of bale breaker, including whether the foundation elevation, the position of each reserved hole and embedded plate are correct.
2. Lift the two sets of supporting wheel devices to the foundation, install the drive shaft and anchor bolts, and adjust the height and position of the four supporting wheels. It is required that the four supporting wheels must be of the same height and in a horizontal position.
3. The transmission reduction motor can be installed at the same time as the two sets of supporting wheels. The installation method is the same as above.
4. After the transmission device anchor bolts are poured for the first time and reach the concrete curing strength, the cylinder can be hoisted.
5. Installation of barrel shield.


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