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Cultural Paper Making Line

Cultural paper machine line: Firstly, Raw materials are conveyed by Chain Conveyor into Drum Pulper for pulping. Then, High Density Cleaner helps to remove heavy impurities. What’s more, we need to improve slurry beating degree by using Double Disc Refiner. Eventually, the waste paper turn into fine pulp after a series of screening and deslagging and it will be conveyed into Headbox for paper making.

150TPD Waste Newspapers Deinking Pulping Line

Waste newspapers recycling pulping line, deinking equipment in pulping system. Excellent process flow chart, reduce fiber loss and high capacity. Unit waste paper deinking line equipment, such as middle consistency hydrapulper, flotation deinking machine etc.

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Deinking Line High Consistency Hydrapulper

Waste paper(with ink) recycling line H.C. Hydrapulper used for separating waste paper and ink under high consistency. Widely used in living paper and culture paper production line. Compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

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50T/18H Deinking Culture Paper Pulping Line

Generally speaking, waste paper and virgin pulp are the raw materials for the production of cultural paper. But in order to reduce investment, waste paper is the best choice. Leizhan offer complete deinking machine in culture paper pulping line. High efficiency, high quality of final paper.

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30T/D A4 Culture Paper Stock Preparation Line

Complete pulping line equipment of wood pulp processing A4 paper pulping line. Design technical proposal according to your requirements. High benefits, low energy consumption, high paper quality. We are professional manufacturer of pulping equipment.

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100T/D Stock Preparation Line Dispersion System

Whole set of stock preparation line dispersion system, waste paper with ink recycling and pulping, deinking, and screening equipment production line. Complete dispersion system equipment. Low power, high efficiency and high output.

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2880mm Recycle Machine Writing Paper Production line

A4 paper is also known as writing paper or culture paper. Complete production line pulping equipment to treatment slurry. Improve the paper grade. Included pulp screening machine, pulp refining machine or cleaning machine,etc.

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Wood Pulp Pulping Line Equipment

Wood pulp as raw material to produce culture paper or toilet paper. Less equipment and high quality, low investment. Leizhan specialized in pulping equipment for 39 years and provide complete stock preparation line.

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Small Capacity 10TPD A4 Paper Machine

Complete production line of A4 paper machine, according to your raw material and capacity to make drawing. Whole set of equipment from waste paper to paper rewinder.

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1575mm Culture Paper A4 Paper Machine

The use of culture paper in office and schools is very high and closely related to our lives, like a4 paper, book paper, newspaper can be called culture paper. We are professional manufacturer and have 39 years experience, we can supply complete equipment in 1575mm culture paper a4 paper machine production line.

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200T/24H Offset Paper Machine Pulping Line

The manufacture of recycled paper is one of the most important ways to recycle waste paper. It can be made into recycled packaging paper, newsprint paper or offset paper. The offset paper pulping line adopted office waste paper and wood pulp as raw material, leizhan can provide complete production line.

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