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Cultural Paper Making Line

Cultural paper machine line: Firstly, Raw materials are conveyed by Chain Conveyor into Drum Pulper for pulping. Then, High Density Cleaner helps to remove heavy impurities. What’s more, we need to improve slurry beating degree by using Double Disc Refiner. Eventually, the waste paper turn into fine pulp after a series of screening and deslagging and it will be conveyed into Headbox for paper making.

Mixer In Pulp Chest

Leizhan paper machinery high quality and low price pulp Mixer is on hot sale, high working efficiency and small motor power, welcome to consult us if you have any need.

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Writing Paper Machine

Writing paper machine supplier, writing/copying paper making machine manufacturer, writing paper machine made in China, writing paper stock preparation equipment manufacturer.

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Paper Sizing Machine For Paper Making Line

Paper Sizing Machine is used to paper making process to improve the strength of paper, make it has higher performance to resist water and hard fold, Leizhan provide high quality paper surface sizing machine, welcome to contact us:

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a4 paper making machine

A4 Paper Making Machine

A4 Paper Making Machine, on the top list in the whole of world, high quality and low price, A4 Paper Making Machine supplier and manufacturer.

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flotation deinking machine

Flotation Deinking Machine

Flotation deinking system is aim to remove the ink particles, stickies, hydrophobic impurities, etc in suspension condition. Leizhan supply high quality Flotation Deinking Machine to satisfy your paper making demand.

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a4 paper machine making plant

A4 Paper Making Machine Plant

A4 paper machine is one of the biggest amount paper machine in cultural paper making industry. Leizhan supply all kinds of cultural paper machine for different production capacity to satisfy customer’s different demand.

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Complete Carbonless Paper Production Line

The full Carbonless paper production plant contains two parts: Pulp making project and Carbonless paper making project. Wood pulp processing and Carbonless paper machine.

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Newsprint Jumbo Rolls Production Plant

Use wood pulp, white shavings, waste paper as raw material, Leizhan supplies complete Newsprint jumbo rolls production plant for customers.

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100TPD Waste Newspaper Pulp Manufacturing Line

Paper plants can produce high quality cultural paper by processing waste newspaper. Leizhan machine for 100t/d waste newspaper pulp manufacturing line.

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Rolling Paper Production Equipment

Leizhan provides a diverse range of pulp and paper making equipment for rolling paper production plant including pulp pulping, cleaning, screening, refining, pulp thickening, etc.

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