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2017 Exhibitions Leizhan will Attend

Date: 2017-04-24 Print

Leizhan factory

Leizhan’s professional engineers and experienced sales will attend the 2017 Exhibitions to share with you about the advanced pulp and paper making technologies and introduce the products in details you are interested in, so please pay more attention to the 2017 exhibitions Leizhan will attend.

Leizhan’s Harvest 2016

Leizhan has made a great harvest in the whole year of 2016 by selling lots of pulp and paper making machines all over the world and providing related services such as installation, debugging, training and so on, we are very grateful to the customers’support and will strive to develop more advanced machines to meet more needs!

Information of the 2017 Exhibitions Leizhan will attend

1. Bangladesh Exhibition
Date: May 4th~6th, 2017
2. 2017 Vietnam Paper Exhibition
Date: June 13th~15th, 2017
3. China International Paper Technology Exhibition and Conference
Date: Sep.13th~15th, 2017
4. Egypt Exhibition
Date: Oct.24th~26th, 2017
5. 2017 India International Paper Exhibition
Date: Nov.1st~4th, 2017
6. Dubai Exhibition
Date: Dec.12th~14th, 2017
7. Iran Exhibition
Date: Dec.15th~18th, 2017


If you are interested in any of the exhibitions, feel free to contact with us for more detailed information.
Email: leizhanchina@gmail.com
Tel.: +8637155129198