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Do You Know All These Special Papers?

Date: 2017-04-13 Print

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What’s Special Paper?

Special paper is the paper with a special purpose and relatively small production. There are a wide variety of special papers with many special purposes.

Here are some special papers.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is used in chemical industry, machinery and other industries, especially widely used in packaging, especially food packaging industry. Food packaging should follow the principle of convenience and portability, kraft paper anti-stretch advantage makes it very suitable for packaging needs, so kraft paper packaging has been widely used in the packaging industry.

Coated Paper

Coated paper is also known as coated printing paper, which is a high-grade printing paper made by coating whitewash of base paper mainly used for printing the cover and illustrations of senior books and periodicals, color pictures, all kinds of fine commodity advertisements, samples, merchandise packaging, trademarks and so on.

Thermo-sensitive Paper

Thermo-sensitive paper is also known as thermal fax paper, thermal recording paper or thermal copy paper. Thermal paper is a processed paper, its manufacturing principle is coating a layer of “thermal coating” (heat-sensitive color layer) in the superior base paper.

Released Paper

Released paper, also known as anti-sticking paper, is a non-stick processing paper. The so-called non-stickiness refers to free paste and separation under the role of force without any adhesion traces. The release paper is coated with silicone, fatty acid or polypropylene compounds. Released paper can be used to make adhesive tape, automatic sealing letters, self-adhesive wallpaper and so on.

Conductive Paper

Conductive paper is a paper with good electrical conductivity. Conductive is not sensitive to changes in the humidity of the external environment, with high tensile and tear strength. It is made of chemical wood pulp by adding some conductive substances, such as conductive carbon black or acetylene black, a small amount of metal powder or metallized fiber good conductivity, or spraying metal, metal oxide in the base paper surface. It can be mainly used for thermoelectric camera paper, electro-sensitive paper, electric printing paper and so on.