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Drum Pulper Wins Other Pulpers in Some Aspects

Date: 2017-03-29 Print


Why should you choose the Drum Pulp Machine we manufacture? I will give you the answers in the followings.

There are so many advantages of this Drum Pulper that we may pay attention to in choosing the machine.

1. Perfect fiber relief

Waste paper can produce a soft rub and friction movement in the high concentration conditions to make fiber fully separated, to fully retain the strength and length of waste paper fiber, so that the pulp yield can be greatly improved.

2. Reliable continuous slagging system

The machine can be easily maintained, sieve cannot be plugged easily, so it can realize continuous operation for a long time. Due to the high efficiency of slagging, it can reduce

the burden of subsequent purification.
3. Excellent pulp quality

The Drum Pulper can remove the plastics, foil and hot melt adhesive and other light and heavy impurities in the pulp, make these impurities completely removed without cutting and breaking, and realize sorted collection to reduce environmental stress.

4. Significant energy saving effect

There is no rotor structure with strong movement, so there is no need to consume energy in the unnecessary mixing and shear movement, and energy is just consumed in the drum rotation, realizing energy saving of about 50%.

5. Reduce equipment costs

The machine sets the role of pulp and screening of pulping, coarse screening and other equipment as a whole, reducing the burden of the subsequent process, thereby reducing the cost of the entire equipment.

6. Save labor

Due to the handling of waste paper under high concentration conditions, the machine is suitable for handling various grades of unselected waste paper, saving a waste paper selection process.

7. The lowest maintenance costs

The machine structure is simple and stable with only a small amount of wearing parts, ensuring the most economic spare parts demand and low maintenance costs.

8. Good deinking mechanism

Due to the operation under the high concentration, the role of chemicals is relatively strong, the use of steam is sufficient, so that the ink particles can effectively be separated from the fiber surface, so as to achieve effective deinking.

For more details about the Drum Pulper such as the specifications, price and so on,email to me directly via: leizhanchina@gmail.com.