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How to Wash the Paper Making Felt?

Date: 2017-04-17 Print


What’s A Paper Making Felt?

Felt washing is one of the key issues to ensure that good dehydration performance in the press section and extend the life of the felt. So do you really know how to wash the felt?

Three Methods for Felt Washing

1. Water acupuncture spray cleaning: water pressure should be at 1.47 ~ 2.45 * 106 Pa, it has the advantage of less water use, water acupuncture forced impact can reduce the chemical cleaning solvent. The disadvantage is that it has big damage to the felt.

The cleaning surface is the felt sticker page, the washing water temperature is recommended to use about 50℃.

2.Intermittent chemical cleaning on the machine: chemicals, hydrochloric acid or lye can be used for intermittent cleaning, which are prepared into the appropriate concentration, and sprayed onto the full-width felt, after using up the chemical solvent in the prescribed time, use water to wash away the chemicals remaining in the felt.

3.Continuous cleaning on the machine: it can make the felt maintain the final state to reach the highest papermaking efficiency, which is the best way.

The detergent concentration for continuous cleaning is generally from 0.01 to 0.06%. Continuous cleaning agent costs are higher, but the advantage is that it can extend the life of the felt, and often make the felt in the best condition, which is conductive to reducing consumption, decreasing loss of breakage, and improving the quality of paper.