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UAE Packaging Paper Production Industry Market

Date: 2016-05-25 Print

UAE Packaging Paper Production Industry Market

UAE packaging industry market has 2.3 billion dollars. 

UAE packaging industry market is Middle East and North Africa region’s fastest growing industry, the current market has reached $ 2.3 billion. According to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce survey shows that consumer durables and food packaging energized the packaging materials industry. Dubai, as the entrepot station for food, beverage and other products enter into Africa and Asia supporting the prospect of more packaging industry.

In 2014, the UAE packaging industry increased by 6.8%, including flexible packaging accounted for 31.4% market share, accounting for 32.6% of hard plastic packaging. It is expected that the share will reach to 34%, paper packaging accounted for 14% till 2019. It is estimated that the Packaging paper industry will maintain an annual growth rate of 5% till 2019, metal packaging accounting for 12%,  the annual growth rate can reach 6% before 2019.