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What will Affect Hydrapulper Efficiency?

Date: 2017-04-18 Print


The hydraulic pulper is the main processing equipment used to treat pulp board, broken paper and waste paper.

Significant advantages of Hydraulic Pulper:

1.Only relieving the fiber without cutting off;

2. High production efficiency, short relief time, and low power consumption;

3. Simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost, and small occupation of floor space;

4. Easy to operate, large scope of application, can handle a variety of waste paper and pulp paper;

5. Can achieve continuous and automated operation.

Factors affecting the efficiency of Hydraulic Pulper:

1. The effect of temperature

After the temperature is raised, the waste paper is softened, absorption of moisture and pulping will be easy for the slurry, especially those that are heavily colored or paper containing ink. In addition, the viscosity of the paper pulp is reduced by the increase of the temperature, and the flowability of the pulp is improved, thereby promoting the circulation of the pulp and improving the breaking effect.

2. The effect of concentration

It is advantageous to increase the pulping concentration when a good slurry circulation is ensured. It is known from the experiment that the concentration is linearly related to the power consumption, but the energy consumption per unit yield decreases with the increase of the concentration, but has little effect on the dissolution effect and the dissolution time.

3. The effect of pulping time

Under certain operating conditions, there must be an effective pulping interval, when exceeding the interval, and the improvement in the rate of pulping is very small; it is very uneconomical to attempt to prolong the time to improve the effect of the pulping. Therefore, it is necessary to control the pulping time so that it can operate within an effective time range.

4. The effect of raw materials nature

Due to the difference of absorption and swelling capacity of a variety of slurry and fiber binding capacity, the pulping effect will be different. Different slurries, in the same time, have different pulping rate is different.