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Hydraulic Pulper Machine

Hydraulic Pulper Machine

Hydraulic pulper machine D type hydrapulper is used for pulping waste paper or wet strength paper. The traditional hydraulic pulper machine produces an unobstructed vortex flow, and the waste paper moves from the feeding point to the central rotor along a spiral trajectory. The “D” type hydraulic pulper changes this flow pattern, allowing the raw materials to contact the rotor more quickly, greatly shortening the crushing time and improving production capacity without increasing power and volume.


Main Features of Hydraulic D Type Pulper


1. The VOKES rotor consumes less power and has high crushing efficiency.
2. A blade is designed between the cutter disc and the screen plate to prevent the entanglement of waste such as wire and braided belts and reduce the operating current.
3. The transmission is designed with 3 sets of bearings to increase the service life of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.
4. Equipped with European standard pulleys to shorten maintenance time, improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs.


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