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Calendering and Smoothness of Paper Making Machine

Date: 2017-04-21 Print


There are many factors affecting the smoothness, such as fiber morphology, pulping degree, ratio, the type of accessories and the addition, the pulping concentration, the web and press dehydration, net, felt type, drying temperature curve, calendering paper web moisture, line pressure, roll surface temperature and so on.

But it has a great relationship with calendering to obtain a high degree of smoothness, you can take the following methods: improving calendering paper web moisture, moisture, improving the calendering line and improving calendering roller surface temperature.

Uniform wetting paper is conducive to improving the uniformity of calendering. In order to make paper moisture evenly distributed, we generally do overheating dry for the paper in the drying section, and then wet the paper by the cold cylinder.

The steam nozzle can be installed at the place before the paper enters the calendering to spray wet low-pressure steam to the paper evenly, so that paper moisture content entering calendering can meet the process requirements.

In practice, pay attention to adjust the humidity of the steam nozzle, making it higher than the surrounding atmospheric temperature, to prevent that dry condensate steam meets the steam nozzle to condense into water to drip on the paper. Obviously this steam nozzle should be installed properly to ensure uniform wetting of the banner direction.