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Headbox—Heart of the Entire Paper Machine



    Overview of the Headbox

    The headbox is a key component of papermaking equipment and is the heart of the entire paper machine, whose structure and performance have a decisive role on the formation of paper sheet and paper quality.

    Its Main Tasks

    1. Effectively disperse the fiber. High turbulent headbox can produce high-intensity micro-turbulence, which can effectively disperse the fiber, prevent fiber precipitation and re-flocculation, to effectively improve the strength of the paper.

    2. Distribute the paper materials evenly across the machine. (To determine the horizontal quantitative distribution of paper web)

    3. Spray slurry stably, to ensure coordination of pulp speed and net speed. (To determine the longitudinal distribution of the paper web)


    1. Open-type headbox

    2. Air cushion type headbox

    3. Hydraulic headbox