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100t/d Coated White Board Paper Making Machine


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    100t/d Coated White Board Paper Making Machine

    Congratulations! Iran make an order with us for making coated white board paper, the production capacity is 100t/d. Coating white paper is belong to packaging paper, mainly used to make packaging box.


    Features Of Coated White Board Paper


    Basis weight: 200g/㎡ above
    Thickness: ≥0.1mm
    High whiteness, good smoothness;
    High ink absorption ability, printing gloss is good;
    high hardness and folding strength
    Low weight, proper cushioning, can protect the content and improve transport performance


    Information About Coated White Paper Making Unit Equipment For Iran


    This time, Iran customer purchased the whole pulp making unit machine include waste paper conveying, paper pulping, coarse and fine screening, pulp cleaning, pulp approaching and pulp agitating system.
    Delivery equipment for coated white paper making: 5m³ D type Hydrapulper, 15m³ D type Hydrapulper, Inflow Pressure Screen, Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, High Density Cleaner, Low Density Cleaner, Reject Separator, Vibrating Screen, Pulp Agitator, Motor and accessories etc.


    We can supply the turn-key white board paper making machine, and include the text running and installation etc, welcome to consult us if you interest. Email: