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Turnkey Toilet Tissue Paper Project


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    Turnkey Toilet Tissue Paper Project

    Toile tissue paper is widely used in our daily life. With the improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for toilet tissue paper are getting higher and higher. Toilet paper mills usually use virgin pulp as raw material to produce toilet tissue paper, napkin paper and facial tissue paper. Leizhan supply turnkey toilet tissue paper project and full set toile tissue manufacturing line machine.


    Toile Tissue Paper Making Project


    Raw material: virgin pulp
    Trimmed width: 1575-3600mm
    Basis weight: 13-40g/㎡
    Operating speed: 180-800m/min
    Production capacity: 10-100t/d


    Toile Tissue Pulping Manufacturing Line Machine


    Stock preparation line: Hydrapulper→High Density Cleaner→Pressure Screen→ Coarse Screen System → Refiner Machine
    Paper Machine Part: Toilet Tissue Paper Pulp Approaching System → Headbox → Wire Part → Press Part → Dryer Part → Reeling Machine → Toilet Tissue Paper Roll


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