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Complete Set Of Pulping Line–Xinjiang


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Complete Set Of Pulping Line--Xinjiang

A few months ago, Xinjiang paper mill purchased pulp equipment MC.Pressure Screen, Light Impurity Separator from us to change the old line, and the screening efficiency get good effort quickly, their president Qian is very satisfied about the energy-saving effect. At present, they are going to establish a new pulping line, and cooperated with us again, the production capacity is 200, 000tons per years.


Pulping Line Equipment Details


The whole pulping line include waste paper conveying, pulping, screening, cleaning, refining, pulp approaching, etc, and each process equipment list as below.


    • Waste paper conveying: Bale Breaker, Chain Conveyor
    • Pulping: Drum Pulper, D Type Hydrapulper( The selection of these two pulper depends on your raw material, capacity and budget )
    • Screening: MC.Pressure Screen, Light Impurity Separator, Reject Separator, Vibrating Screen
    • Pulp Cleaning: High → Medium → Low Density Cleaner
    • Refining: Double Disc Refiner
    • Pulp approaching: Inflow Pressure Screen


The first delivery pulping machine is 3500 Drum Pulper, HD.Cleaner, LD.Cleaner, left pulp equipment is in making process, we appreciate their support and trust to Leizhan. If you have any demand, inquiry us: