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Drum Pulper For Paper Mill


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Drum Pulper For Paper Mill

Drum pulper is used in waste paper pulping line to continuous pulping waste paper to pulp, Jiangxi Paper Mill ordered the 3m Drum Pulper for their packaging paper making line, the Drum Pulper was delivered by sub-component and install in the paper mill site by our workers.


The Component Of Drum Pulper


Pre-soaking area: Mix the water and waster paper
Waste paper pulping area: Continuous pulping waster paper to pulp
Screening area: The fine pulp is flow into pulp chest and the impurities like plastic were discharged to the drum body
Drum Pulper gear, bracket, shield, etc

Drum Pulper For Paper Mill


3m Drum Pulper Parameters


Type ZG3000
Drum Diameter(mm) 3000
Production Capacity(t/d) 200-300
Working Consistency 14%-18%
Motor Power(kw) 280-315kw


Compare with tradition paper pulper, Drum Pulper almost no quick-wear part, reduce the maintain cost, can continuous pulping waste paper, reduce the following equipment burden and simplify pulping process. Email: