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White Board Paper Pulping Line Equipment Delivery Site


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Armenian customers established new paper recycling production line to produce white board paper and unit paper stock prparation line equipment provided by Leizhan company, such as Drum Pulper, D Type Hydrapulper, High Consistency Hydrapulper, Light Impurity Separator, Chain Conveyor, Flotation Deinking Machine, Refiner, Slag Lifting Machine, Middle Consistency Pressure Screen and High Density Cleaner, etc. There equipment also used in corrugated paper making line or kraft paper line, toilet paper line, etc. The shipping equipment details as below.


Shipping Equipment Used In White Board Paper Production Line


Drum Pulper: Gentle pulping and screening of waste paper under high consistency. High pulping capacity, low energy consumption and low maintenance cost.

Flotation Deinking Machine:Remove the waste paper ink, light impurities and stickies. High efficient flotation, high consistency scum and less fiber loss.


Leizhan company offer complete raw material pulping line equipment, such as OCC, waste books and newspapaers, wheat straw, etc. Tell us your requirements to get professional technical Proposal. Email address: