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150TPD Stock Preparation Project For Packaging Paper in Shandong


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    Good news! We sold a set of 150TPD Packaging Paper Stock Preparation Equipment again to the customer in Shandong Province in China

    Brief information about the Packaing Paper

    Packaging Paper, also called as Wrapping paper, is a kind of paper mainly for the purpose of packaging, which usually has high strength and toughness, can withstand pressure and folding. The quality requirements are simpler than the cultural printing paper and other paper. There are many of its sub-types, of which each has different natures and uses. For example: paper for food packaging is required to be hygienic and sterile without polluting impurities. There are more stringent requirements in Electronics, cosmetic, food, beverage and other industries for wrapping paper.

    Machines of the 150TPD Preparation Project

    1. One Chain Conveyor

    2. One D Type Hydrapulper

    3. One High Density Cleaner

    4. One 1st Stage Mid Consistency Pressure Screen

    5. One Fiber Separator

    6. One Reject Separator

    7. One Low Density Cleaner

    8. One Slip Screen

    9. Thirty-three Low Density Cleaners

    10. One 1st Stage Fine Pressure Screen

    11. One 2nd Stage Fine Pressure Screen

    12. One Double Disc Refiner

    13. One Underlying Inflow Pressure Screen Before Paper Machine

    14. One Pulp Chest Agitator