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China Well Designed Screw Press Washer


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    Brief Introduction of Screw Press Washer

    Screw Press Washer is pulp extrusion equipment used for pulp dehydration, which can effectively deal with pulp with different the slurry concentration, and it is mainly used for black liquor extraction of large pulp mill. It is installed in the spray warehouse, and separates the black liquor from the pulp relying on mechanical squeeze of varying diameters and distances, the black liquor is separated out from the filter box to the black liquor tank, the pulp concentration can also be adjusted using back pressure device at the discharge port.

    Advantages of Leizhan Screw Press Washer

    1. Concentrated pulp Dryness is even, and the pulp rate is stable.

    2. Fiber beating degree will be rarely affected, the design without clogging and skidding can reduce the wear and corrosion of the spiral.

    3. The device can also be used to concentrate the finished slurry to make it sold directly as commercial pulp.

    The Screw Press Washer is the ideal extraction equipment for the comprehensive utilization of black liquor in the pulp and paper mill, which can be used for the extraction of pulp black liquor of wood, bamboo, bagasse, wheat straw, reed and so on, and can also be used for black liquor extraction. As the Screw Press Washer is largely affected by the axial force during the operation, which can easily lead to damage to the bearing, and thus cause the bearing wear.

    Maintenance of Screw Press Washer

    The traditional method of repair is to disassemble the equipment, repair welding after machining, but the thermal stress generated by welding high temperature can not be completely eliminated, or it will waste time and energy to do bushing treatment of the bearing, and a good match can not be guaranteed. At present, the developed countries often use polymer composite materials for on-site maintenance for the above-mentioned equipment problems. Compared with the traditional method, the maintenance method can complete site repair without demolition and machining, with low maintenance costs and short cycle, greatly reducing the labor intensity of maintenance personnel. At the same time, because the material has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties and adhesion, will not produce high temperature stress, and can fully meet the equipment operating requirements, to ensure a good match of bearing chamber and the bearings to avoid the possibility of re-emergence of the gap.