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White Top Liner Board Making Project Russia


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    Customer information

    Time: 2014

    Customer: Russia Paper Mill

    Raw material: Commercial wood pulp

    Project: 20t/d White Top Liner Board Making Project

    20t/d White Top Liner Board stock preparation line

    Leizhan supplied the whole set of wood pulp processing machineries for Russia customer to produce high quality white top liner board. Pulping equipments contains: ZDSD23 D type hydrapuler, KS Pulp pump, ZTJ850 Pulp chest, Inclined screen, ZDP450 Double disc refiner, White water pump, NLS0.6 Inflow pressure screen before paper machine.

    White top liner board making machinery

    The white top liner board making machinery adopts high technology QCS automatic control system. Leizhan white top liner board machinery has the trimmed width range of 2400-6600mm and basis weight range of 200-350g/m2. Its production capacity range of 200-1400t/d with the running speed range of 200-600m/min.