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Drum Pulper For Fireworks Paper Making Plant


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    drum pulper for fireworks paper making plant

    Drum Pulper has the advantage of continuous gentle pulping and screening of waste paper, can remove almost all large impurities such as plastic bags, tapes, etc. The impurities are discharged out automatically, easy to handle and transport.

    Recently, Leizhan update a delivery site again, Drum Pulper conveyed to Hunan Paper Mill, which used to fireworks paper making plant. The information is as below.

    Drum Pulper To Hunan Paper Mill

    Time: 7th, July, 2017
    Factory: Hunan Paper Mill
    Raw Material: Waste Paper
    Production Capacity: 240-400t/d (used to produce 120000t fireworks paper every year.)
    Working Consistency: 14%-18%
    Motor Power: 315-400kw

    Leizhan paper machinery can manufacture different material drum pulper according to your need, no matter carbon steel or stainless steel, our professional engineer will design the best project for you. More Details can consult us: