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Drum Pulper Screening Process


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    drum pulper screening process

    The function of Drum Pulper screening part is to washing and screening the pulp, add diluted water from it’s aside, diluted water to 3%-4% consistency, the diluted pulp flow into pulp chest through sieve pore, light and heavy impurities back into the drum and keep moving, discharged from the end of Drum Pulper. Here is the drum pulper screening part delivery site for Guangdong paper mill, the details are as below.


    Drum Pulper Screening Part Delivery Information

    Paper Mill: Guangdong Yaode Paper Mill
    Project: 250000 tons per year whole set paper pulping line
    Equipment: ZG3750 Drum Pulper Screening Area


    Drum Pulper is a hot product in Leizhan for it’s continuous and gentle pulping, welcome to consult us if you have any need: