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Pulp Tailing Device Light Impurity Separator


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    pulp tailing device light impurity separator


    Pulp tailing dealing is an important section in paper mill, which reduce the loss of fiber and lower the cost in paper making process. Light Impurity Separator is stalled after press screen machine in coarse screen section, remove most of light and heavy impurities.


    Specification Of Light Impurity Separator


    Pulp input consistency: ≤2%
    Screen plate hole diameter: 5mm
    Minimum pressure of inlet: 240kpa
    Maximum pressure of inlet: 520kpa
    Pressure difference: 70kpa
    Motor power: 30-110kw


    The Light Impurity Separator in Leizhan adopt advanced spare parts( automatic oil injection device from Korea, automatic water sealing device from Finland )and exquisite craftsmanship, welcome to consult us for more details: