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Wood-Free Paper Manufacture Project


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    Wood-Free Paper Manufacture Project

    Wood-free paper is also called offset paper or glazed printing paper, which can be used to print monochrome and multicolor books, periodicals, pictorial, map, picture poster and so on. Wood-free paper is a high-class printing paper, and have a high requirement in the paper contrast, ratio of expansion and contraction, and surface strength.

    Wood-Free Paper Production Line

    Raw material: chemical wood pulp, bamboo pulp, rag pulp, straw pulp
    Additive: filler, mucilage
    Production stage: pulping, screening, refining, forming, pressing, drying
    Needed machine: chain conveyor, pressure screen, pulper, refiner, fourdrinier machine
    Production capacity: 50+tpd
    Paper quantify: 70g/㎡-150g/㎡
    Motor power: depending on the practical machine type, Leizhan provides energy-saving machines
    End production: wood-free paper
    Usage: periodicals, pictorial, map, picture poster, books etc.
    Production period: about two-three months
    Maintenance: Within one year, not-man-made sabotage

    Pulping Machine In Wood-Free Line

    Wood-free paper production line can be divided into two big sections: pulping and forming. As the very first step of paper making, pulping decides the consistency and quality of paper pulp fiber.
    Leizhan supplies high-quality pulping machines to produce wood-free paper. From chain conveyor, to pressure screen, hydrapulper, refiner, thickener, Leizhan can provide a whole set of paper making machine. The practical machine type depends on the paper mill production need.
    1. ZG Series Drum Pulper
    2. D Type Hydrapulper
    3. ZDSZ Series M.C./H.C. Hydrapulper/ZDS Series Vertical Hydrapulper
    4. ZSC Series High Density Cleaner/KH Series Low Density Cleaner
    5. ZNS Series M.C. Pressure Screen/PZ Series Reject Separator
    6. ZNPSeries Disc Thickener/ZDP Series Double Disc Refiner/DD Series Double Disc Refiner