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25tpd office paper pulping line Dubai


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25tpd office paper pulping line Dubai

Recently, Leizhan exported office paper pulp machine to Dubai Paper Mill, include Chain Conveyor, D Type Hydrapulper, Pulp Pump, and so on. We can supply the whole office paper production turn-key project contains pulp production line and paper making machinery for paper plants.


While, the Dubai customer’s paper making raw material is white shavings, and daily output is 25t/d, Leizhan experts give the office paper pulping line solution according their demands.


25tpd white shavings processing line


Raw Material: white shavings

Capacity: 25t/18h

Project: 25tpd office paper pulping line

Office Paper Pulp Equipment:

1, BFW1200 Chain Conveyor
2, ZDSD23 D Type Hydrapulper (5m3)
3, KS Dump Pulp Pump
4, ZSC3 High Density Cleaner
5, Inclined Screen
6, ZTJ850 Pulp Chest/Agitator
7, ZM450 Conical Refiner
8, ZDP450 Double Disc Refiner
9, ZTJ850 Pulp Chest /Agitator
10, KS Pulp Pump
11, KS white water Pump
12, NLS0.6 Inflow Pressure Screen before paper machine